Digital Twins

Program background

Digital twins is a virtual representation of physical systems that use machine learning on real-time basis to simulate the runtime characteristics for optimal management of the larger system. Our research includes development of digital twins for the equipment used in autonomous factories, smart electric grids and automobiles.

The Industry 4.0 revolution is centered around automation and data sharing. Variety of manufacturing technologies is at the heart of its operation in the corporate sector. It encompasses automation, data interchange and manufacturing processes opening up limitless opportunities for businesses. Digital Twins is a software module that simulates real-time data to anticipate the performance of any product or process.

Digital Twins integrates information and technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and software analytics to create live digital simulation models that update and alter in response to changes in their physical counterparts.

Static and dynamic Digital Twins are also possible. Static twins, often known as simulations, depict an object or system at a certain point in time. Dynamic twins are connected to the actual entity or system they represent, so that the state of the entity or system may be correctly reflected in real-time.

As a result, the organization gains the advantage of creating a digitized footprint of their complete product development cycle, from design to implementation. This digital clone of real assets, operations, and frameworks generates data constantly.

By employing replicas, firms can provide early alerts, predict downtime, and establish fresh open doors for the future. Digital twins are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, allowing for more efficient design models as well as better maintenance and updates.

Setting up of the Co-Innovation Center of Excellence

Pravartak will coordinate with IITM in providing the facility and engage with Accenture on programs of mutual interest; IITM will create and establish new facilities in the Automotive areas at the Institute using the capital grants of Accenture.

IITM has various modes of engagement, including the establishment of the Centres of Excellence, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, the establishment of a Chair Professorship/Faculty Fellowship, academic programs in coordination with Accenture which Pravartak will coordinate on.

Accenture will provide all reasonable support and cooperation to Pravartak for the successful accomplishment of the Centre of Excellence.